03 March 2013

Scrap Day Sunday: Grandma Rosie's Stories

Anna Rose (Lincet) Ayres with daughter Pearl.

Anna Rose (Lincet) Ayres, my great-great grandmother, is by far one of the most fascinating ancestors that I have.  At least to me she is.  I never knew Anna or Grandma Rosie as everyone called her.  She died several years before I was born.  Even after researching her line, I'm no closer to knowing much about her.  What I know I have gleaned from older relatives and a few scant records that I have come across.  So her aura of mystery remains for me.  

Anna was born in the year 1879 in Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, Iowa to Christ and Lena Lincet.  Her parents were of Norwegian descent.  Anna married Robert Buenos Ayres on 23 September 1899 in Jackson County, MO.  On her marriage certificate to Buenos her maiden name is listed as Lane not Lincet(a source of many a headache).   Anna and Buenos had 6 children before Buenos died in 1916.  This left Anna to raise 6 children on her own and times were not always easy.  

Grandma Rosie was a bit of a bohemian type.  She liked to paint and would paint on whatever she could find to paint on.  She would also tell your fortune by reading cards or reading the tea leaves. She also liked to write stories.  I recently came across some of these stories in my grandmother's things.  They are short stories and seemed to be geared toward children.  Many of them are not complete.  So here is the first page from "For I Need You" by Anna Rose Ayres.  I think she would be thrilled to know that her stories were floating around in cyberspace!

"For I Need You" by Anna Rose Ayres, page 1.

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