28 February 2013

Rant of the Day

One of my biggest pet peeves has to be the all-knowing genealogist.  We've all experienced them at one point or another.  The ones that offer "constructive criticism" tinged with an air of superiority.  Your research and analysis is wrong but theirs is infallible.  THOSE genealogists.  

Now, I am all for constructive criticism.  Heck, I'm happy if you can prove my research is flawed.  I would much rather have an accurate understanding of my family history than to have it full of mistakes and flaws.  That being said, there are those who get down right nasty when you present a counter-argument to their "infallible" research.   They are more than happy to prove you wrong, but will not see the flaws in their own research.  Quite frankly, I have no use for you.  Don't even bother contacting me.  You will be ignored.  

For the most part, I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the genealogical community.  It is a diverse community that ranges from the beginner to the long-time professionals.  It is a community of sharing and generosity.  It is filled with wonderful people who share the need to know their heritage. So, to all my genealogical friends out there, thank you, for all your help and encouragement.   It is noted and appreciated.  Whew!  I feel better!

24 February 2013

Scrap Day Sunday


 Today's "scrap" is a permission note written by Ezra Liston to the county clerk of Cass County, Missouri in which he certifies that his daughter is over the age of eighteen and that he consents to her marriage to W. H. Foust.  The note reads;

                                                                           June 30th 1886 

To the county clerk of Cass Co. Mo. this is to certify that my daughter Ella F. Liston is past the age of eighteen years and that I give my consent to her marriage to W. H. Foust.

Please issue marriage license to them, and oblige.

                                                                          Ezra Liston 

William Henry Foust married Ella Francina Liston on that very day 30 June 1886 in Harrisonville, Cass, MO.  They went on to have eight children including my great grandmother, Amelia Mae (Foust) Wimsatt. 

The William Henry and Ella Foust Family.  My great grandmother Amelia is in the back row holding my infant grandfather Richard.  Ella and William are seated holding a photograph of their daughter Viola, who died while giving birth to a daughter.


18 February 2013

Random Picture Day

Phebe Foster (Merriam) Van Zandt with her sons, Theodore, William Eldon, Cyrus and Edward.

Today I'm sharing a random picture featuring Phebe Foster (Merriam) Van Zandt and her sons.  Phebe was the daughter of Cyrus Merriam who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  She married William Denison VanZandt and had eleven children.  The first born child, Thomas Cox Van Zandt passed away at the age of five while staying with his grandfather Cyrus.  Phebe and William were in Farina at the time of Thomas' death which is where this photo was taken.  William passed away in 1875 at the age of fifty.  Phebe lived to be the ripe, old age of ninety, passing away in 1918.

17 February 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

Paul V Dickerson
For this week's Scrap Day Sunday, I'm sharing a check that I found in a box after my grandfather's death.  The check is made out to my great grandmother and is written by her brother Paul. It is dated 17 March 1928. and is from the Farmer's Bank of Spruce in Spruce, MO.  I for one can't believe there was ever a bank in Spruce.  When you travel through the area now, nothing is left of the little communtiy except a cemetery.  On the back of the check my great grandmother wrote, " a free heart but no money". Her brother Paul later died of wounds he suffered while serving his country in WWII.  

Ruby Dickerson  date unknown

14 February 2013

A Hidden Cache

The Grimes Family: Evelyn, Robert, Walter and Janet.
I just came across an envelope full of pictures that I didn't know I had or I forgot I had.  The latter statement is probably closer to the truth.  This photo features my grandparents Walter and Evelyn (Ayres) Grimes with my mother  and my uncle.  It is by far my favorite family photo that I have of my grandparents and their family.

13 February 2013

The Rebel and the Love Poem

My ancestor, Capt. George Denison, wrote this poem to his first wife, Bridget. Bridget was the daughter of John and Alice (Freeman) Thompson.  My descent in through his second wife, Anne Borodell, daughter of John Borodell.  I'm also a descendant of John and Alice Thompson through Bridget's sister, Dorothy (Thompson), Parke.  Happy Valentine's Day!

"It is an ordinance, my dear divine
Which God unto the sons of men makes shine.
Even marriage is that whereof I speak
And unto you my mind therein I beak.
In Paradise, of Adam, God did tell
To be alone, for man, would not be well.
He in His wisdom thought it right
To bring a woman into Adam's sight.
A helper that for him might be most meet
And comfort him by her doing discreet.
I of that stock am sprung, I mean from him
And also of that tree I am a limb
A branch though young, yet do I think it good
That God's great vows by man be not withstood.
Alone I am, a helper I would find
Which might give satisfaction to my mind.
The party that doth satisfy the same
Is Mistress Bridget Thompson by her name.
God having drawn my affections unto thee
My Heart's desire is thine may be to me.
Thus with my blottings though I trouble you
Yet pass these by cause I know not how
Though they at this time should much better be
For love it is the first have been to thee
And I wish that they much better were.
Therefore I pray accept them as they are
So hoping my desire I shall obtain.
Your own true lover, I, George Denison by name.
From my father's house in Roxbury
To Miss Bridget Thompson, 1640."
DENISON NEWSLETTER (July 1985), No.77, p.4 


10 February 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

Family Record found in the front cover of the Ingraham/Wardwell bible.  Courtesy of the Bates County Museum.
Well it's Scrap Day Sunday again.  This week I'm featuring the family record for Thomas and Peggy (Wardwell) Ingraham found in the front of the Ingraham/Wardwell bible. The record was written on a piece of paper and pasted in the front of the bible. It had been folded at one time and is written in a different hand than what is found in the family record in the middle of the bible. It is not known who wrote out this family record.

03 February 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

Today I'm going to share the funeral bill for my 3rd great grandfather Sameul Braucht.  Samuel died 7 October 1912.  The casket, embalming, flowers and hearse all came to a total of $108.