24 February 2013

Scrap Day Sunday


 Today's "scrap" is a permission note written by Ezra Liston to the county clerk of Cass County, Missouri in which he certifies that his daughter is over the age of eighteen and that he consents to her marriage to W. H. Foust.  The note reads;

                                                                           June 30th 1886 

To the county clerk of Cass Co. Mo. this is to certify that my daughter Ella F. Liston is past the age of eighteen years and that I give my consent to her marriage to W. H. Foust.

Please issue marriage license to them, and oblige.

                                                                          Ezra Liston 

William Henry Foust married Ella Francina Liston on that very day 30 June 1886 in Harrisonville, Cass, MO.  They went on to have eight children including my great grandmother, Amelia Mae (Foust) Wimsatt. 

The William Henry and Ella Foust Family.  My great grandmother Amelia is in the back row holding my infant grandfather Richard.  Ella and William are seated holding a photograph of their daughter Viola, who died while giving birth to a daughter.


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  1. It breaks my heart to know that Viola died during childbirth. My Grandmother was Viola's Daughter. Grandma was named after her Mother and became, Viola Ruth Frazier. She did not know much about her Mother's family except that Viola had been deeply loved. Grandma said that her Mother's family sold their farm to take their daughter to the mountains seeking a cure for TB. Grandma thought her Mother died from TB. I know it would have broken her heart also.

    Her Father, Frank Frazier was not able to raise her alone. She was taken by "child welfare" and placed in a Catholic orphanage. She had three children, twelve grandchildren and three great grandchildren. (with another on the way) She was our strength and our love. I still miss her.