18 February 2013

Random Picture Day

Phebe Foster (Merriam) Van Zandt with her sons, Theodore, William Eldon, Cyrus and Edward.

Today I'm sharing a random picture featuring Phebe Foster (Merriam) Van Zandt and her sons.  Phebe was the daughter of Cyrus Merriam who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  She married William Denison VanZandt and had eleven children.  The first born child, Thomas Cox Van Zandt passed away at the age of five while staying with his grandfather Cyrus.  Phebe and William were in Farina at the time of Thomas' death which is where this photo was taken.  William passed away in 1875 at the age of fifty.  Phebe lived to be the ripe, old age of ninety, passing away in 1918.