24 March 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

Today I'm sharing a picture that belongs to my great great uncle, Jesse Grimes.  This photo was taken in front of the Gen. Rufus Putnam house located in Marietta, OH.  The house is now housed in the Campus Martius Museum also located in Marieatta, OH.  Standing outside of the house is Lucy Cox (VanZandt) JonesShe's the woman standing in front of the doorway on the right.  Next to her is her granddaughter, Betty Jane Miller, an unknown woman in black and her daughter, Helen (Jones) Miller.  Lucy (VanZandt) Jones was the sister of my 3rd great grandfather, William Eldon Van Sant.  They were descendants of Gen. Rufus Putnam through their mother, Pheobe (Merriam) VanZandt.  It's a pretty cool picture in and of itself.  It's the reverse side of the picture that revealed a clue to some unknown information. 

The sentence "the old block house where grandma Merriam was born",  is the one that stuck out to me.  This could only refer to the birthplace of Catherine Huldah (Tupper) Merriam who was indeed the grandmother to William and Lucy.  Catherine (Tupper) Merriam was the daughter of Col. Benjamin and Martha "Patty" (Putnam) Tupper. Martha (Putnam) Tupper was the daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam and Persis Rice.  So, due to the inscription on the back of the photo,  I have a pretty good idea where Catherine was born.  Even better,  I can still visit the house to this day!


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