27 December 2012

Relative Stranger Thursday

                             Random photos of relatives whose identities are unknown. 


This photo was in a group that belongs to my grandmother.  They could be Ayres, Jennings, Hintons or some blokes off of the street.  One of my biggest pet peeves is an unidentified photograph.    So if anybody knows who these two brawlers are, please contact me!


  1. Chris: Just found your blog today, thanks to GeneaBloggers. Welcome! You have an interesting blog...of course, the photos are priceless! Although I do have to admit: unidentified photos are my pet peeve, too. Such is life. Sometimes, we get fortunate and stumble upon just the right hint to figure it out...

  2. Welcome to GeneaBloggers. Also read your Christmas Classic and Underground Railroad Stories. They are very interesting. I have found you never know what you will find when doing genealogy. I just discovered a document nearly 150 years old and had to write about it in my blog. Called it "An Early Christmas Gift." This is a great community. I have learned so much from them. May I say Jacqi Stevens (who made the previous comment) has a blog I follow regularly.

  3. Welcome to the GeneaBloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill ;-)
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