30 December 2012

Scrap Day Sunday

Okay not really scraps, but tidbits I've come across in my research


Courtesy of The Bates County Museum


 This summer I came across this piece of paper held by the Bates County Museum. It concerns my 4th great grandfather, Samuel I Baldwin, the son of Francis and Jane (Lee) Baldwin.  It is a piece of paper dated 5 Oct 1839 that exempts him from military duty due to him being near-sighted. At first I thought, " Ahhhhh.  So that's why that side of the family are blind as bats!  That explains it"!  Then I read the signature of the doctor who signed off on the document, William Root Surg. Mati.  Well, well, well.  Dr. Root just happened to be married to Samuel's sister Elinor!  So was he really blind or was he getting a little help from the brother-in-law?  I've chosen to believe it's a little bit of both.  Samuel died 18 Jan 1888 in Gage County, NE.1  I've have not been able to locate a burial site for him, so if anyone knows where Samuel is buried, shoot me an email!


Son of Francis and Jane Lee Balwin
Samuel I Baldwin




1. Kathie Horning, " A List of Deaths in Manchester, Michigan, 1833-1928" Family History Capers  Vol. 2, No. 2, (Fall 1987): 88.




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