08 January 2013

A Bag and Three Abigails!

The Abigail (Dewolf) Ingraham Bag. Courtesy of the Bates County Museum.

Today I'm going to share yet another find from the Bates County Museum.  Being a volunteer there does have it's perks!  Pictured here is a small silk bag that was once owned by Mrs. Abigail (DeWolf) Ingraham, the second wife of Capt. Jeremiah Ingraham.  Abigail (DeWolf Ingraham presented this bag to her grandaughter Abigail Rebecca Ingraham in 1818.  Abigail Rebecca Ingraham was the daughter of Thomas and Peggy (Wardwell) Ingraham.  Abigail Rebecca then presented this bag to her niece, yet another Abigail Rebecca Ingraham in 1852.  This Abigail was the daughter of Thomas Swan and Julia (Balis) Ingraham.  After Rebecca (as the last Abigail Rebecca was known) passed away in 1856 at the age of 18, it then passed to her sister, Mrs. Mary (Baldwin) Ingraham and then filtered down to my great great grandmother Maud (VanSant) Grimes who then donated it to the museum.  

The bag is is remarkable condition considering it's almost 200 years old!  

Julia (Balis) Ingraham with daughter Rebecca.  Rebecca was the last Abigail Rebecca to own the bag.

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  1. Very cool! Thank you for sharing. I am also a seamstress/costume historian wannabe. :)