06 January 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

Here is a scrap of paper I found in the pages of the Ingraham/Wardwell bible.  It's a little note that read;

"you can talk with Ferd about Franks coming out here if you dont if you can make a bargain with him all right. he may be there this week or next."

Note from Ingraham/Wardwell Bible

Now, I have absolutley no idea what this note means.  Ferd is a name I have never come across before so I'm thinking it might be a nickname.  Frank may refer to Francis Baldwin, brother to my 3rd great grandmother, Julia Ingraham (Baldwin) VanSant.  I do have a letter written by Frank to Julia that discusses him going away.  Why he went away, I don't know.  Frank is a mystery that I will get into at a later date.

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  1. Very interesting. Please keep us updated on this. Got me very curious about it.