27 January 2013

Scrap Day Sunday

The $148 Appendectomy
For this week's Scrapday Sunday I'm going to share an article that ran in the local newspaper.  It discusses an itemized bill that my great grandmother, Ruby Collins (Dickerson) Grimes, came across for an appendectomy that my great grandfather had in 1944.  The whole thing cost them $148!  My great grandmother Grimes was a nurse for many years for the Dr. Luter mentioned in the article. 

Merlin Ellsworth Grimes
Merlin and Ruby (Dickerson) Grimes

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  1. I remember my grandmother telling me that sometimes that took a basket of eggs in lieu of payment (and other things like that) for a visit from my grandfather, him being a country doctor, of course. I have an old log book from his practice from the 1940s. There are lots of very cheap office visits listed.